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Breeding Groups for 2021

Our gorgeous ram, Carson, had the most beautiful natural color lambs in 2020. They were big, healthy, robust, all with wonderful fleeces. We are going to put all the natural color ewes with Carson this year and hope we get another year of adorable natural color lambs. Ewes that were bred in this group: Star, Dora, Lacey, Hazel, and Molly.

Carson is related to a the white ewes we have at the farm since I culled so heavily in 2020 for fleece and confirmation. We sold Koda, our second ram. None of the ewes in his breeding group in 2020 did as well and we weren't as happy with their growth. One ram lamb had a rolling lower eyelid. Anyway! He has moved to a different farm with different goals for their breeding operation so he's a great fit for their program.

So to breed our beautiful white ewes we brought Pax to the farm. I returned to Love Ewe Farm for another ram since I love Betsy, her genetics and Pax's father is different from Carson. Pax is from Kalina bloodlines so I'm anxiously awaiting to see what his lambs are like this lambing season! His fleece is so buttery soft and lustrous. Ewes in this group: Aria and Mira.

The CVM ewes were hopefully not bred this year. We had an escape party for a day, but none had any ram markings on them from the crayons so they should be fine! So the 3 CVM, Aelin and Mitt were on the sidelines. :) We do already have our CVM ram, Yodi ready for next year. Since CVM don't have a breeding season like the Romney do, we'll have to separate the rams from now on I think. Yodi comes from Windy Wool Windings.

I put the groups together 2 weeks earlier then last year and tried to do a better job flushing the ewes. Flushing helps increase the rate of ovulation, or the likelihood of twins in the ewes. In 2020, we had lambs born from the end of March to end of April. For the small flock that we have, I would have liked them to be a little closer together in their dates, but it did mean there was no line for the lambing jugs!

We are doing lamb photos again with Jessica Marie Photography! Sunday, March 28th, 2021 at our farm. Reach out to Jessica at

In roughly 2 months, the farm will be full with new lambs bouncing around!

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