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Rail posts are up... and Koda has an ear disaster

As of tonight, all the rail posts for the fence line are up! It actually went by surprisingly quick compared to everything else we’ve done. Still to go is the rest of the wire supports and obviously the wire itself... and gates... and cutting off the tops of the posts to make them even! We also have to finish the barn and run the waterline. I need a checklist of things to go before the animals can be moved over!

Its been a busy couple weeks. Koda, our ram injured his ear somehow last week. It looks like it was caught in a wire and Koda tried to pull out his head out. We‘re not sure exactly, but his ear droops and is slightly swollen. The vet has seen him so we’re just keeping it clean, flys off, and hope that it mends quickly. He might always have a floppy ear now poor guy. The hardest part is cleaning it everyday. He’s getting smart about not getting caught. Until the sheep move over to the new pastures and barn they are in a place that focuses on cattle. So the barn and chute system isn’t designed for sheep so they can slip out pretty much anywhere. It’s incredibly frustrating!!! Yesterday I thought I had caught him in the chute alley and came around with my disinfectant solution and he wasn’t there! He’d pushed through the hay along the bottom edge of the chute. Cows would never be able to get out but sheep squeeze through everywhere, including the gates between pastures all the time.

On a happy note, my new spinning wheel finally arrived!! It took a long time to ship but I love it! After trying numerous wheels, I fell in love with the Schacht Ladybug. It spins like a dream and I love that it’s portable! Amanda at Gate City Yarn in Greensboro, NC was wonderful in her patience letting me try her wheels - even had one of her regulars bring in their Ladybug. She has been a tremendous resource and I’m grateful for all of her help. So I’ve been busy carding Romney wool and alpaca and spinning in the evenings after Mason falls asleep!

The sheep are going to be sheared within the next two weeks. When I bought our sheep as yearlings they had been shorn in October. I want to shear in February so instead of wasting the wool they had when I bought them we’ve let it grow. But it’ll be too long and hot to carry all summer. They have about 7-8 months of growth and it seems like 3-4in of fleece. After practicing on Elsa we’ll see how this goes! I did go ahead and an electric set of clippers. You’d think after carrying a 25lb baby all day that my arm and back muscles would be strong, but bending over and moving the sheep around is hard work. I could maybe shear a couple before giving my back a break hand shearing lol. It’ll count as my workout for the day.

Hopefully by the next post the fence will be up! It’s getting so hot to work during the evenings.


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